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How Exactly Computer Programs Work

05 . 06 . 21
How exactly computer programs work

Computers can solve almost all the problems related to human life. Computer hardware and software are used to solve problems.

Hardware is the various components of a computer and software is the specific code written for those components.
Software, which we call a computer program, determines how hardware works.

A computer program is a signal written in a special kind of language. The program is arranged in such a way that the computer’s hardware can easily understand exactly how to do something.

Just as there are many languages ​​in the world for human communication, there are also many languages ​​for computers.

These are called programming languages.
Such as: C, C ++, Java, Python, PHP etc.

If you choose any one of these languages ​​and write the code keeping the rules correct, a computer program or software will be created.

However, it is not enough to just keep the rules, there must be logic in writing the program.

Programs are usually created in three steps,
1) First you have to understand what the program will actually work.
2) Then the algorithm has to be set up using thinking and reasoning.

3) The algorithm has to be converted into a programming language which we call coding.

Different programming languages ​​are used for each type of work.

In the next article I will try to say more about programming language.

By AnpWiki


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