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YouTube SEO Secret For Beginners: Step By Step

05 . 06 . 21

I have already discussed why SEO is so important.

In today’s article I will give you some awesome and secret ideas about YouTube SEO.

We do SEO to bring your video to the top position of search result, whether it is on google or youtube. Most of us

know that already. So I am not going to that much deeper about SEO.

Luckily YouTube SEO isn’t that complex like Google SEO. It can be done so much easily than you imagine. But only if you have an idea about these three important things.

Here are the three issues:
1) Title.
2) Description.
3) Tags.


Video titles should not be too short or too long.

A meaningful title of medium size plays a big role in video SEO.

The title of the video should be the one that people search for on YouTube by typing related to your video.


Detailed information about the video should be highlighted in the video description.

The video description needs to be very nice and neat.

If you can’t write a description then leave it.


There are a few things to keep in mind before adding tags to videos.

First go to YouTube and do a little analysis to see what people write about your video related to search on YouTube.

Add keyword video tags to keywords that have higher search volume and less competition.

Bonus Tips:

1) Design the video thumbnails in a very professional way.

2) Never give up, keep uploading videos regularly.

3) Avoid copy-pasting and always create your own quality content.

By AnpWiki


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